I’m not sick!

I’m healthy by 21st century standards

What I mean is that I work out (or try to) at least 3-4 times a week

I LOVE GREEN JUICE so I make mine green with minimum fruits, more vegetables

I sleep 7 hours a day and have an extreme case of dis-insomnia. It’s sort of insomnia in the opposite. The moment my head hit the bed, I’m asleep. Mr Law who?

My biggest flaw is that I always lend a hand to people around me by finishing their snacks for them. I mean, I subscribe to a no wastage policy so of course I’m glad to help, yes pass on those chocolates this way thnxbye.

But these past months, I’ve been so sick, even Mr Law forced me to take out one insurance after another. Probably waiting for me to croak so he can cash out 😛 

HAHAHA I KID. I KID. not funny, i know.

But looking around NIE with fellow snivelling noses, I know I’ve found my tribe: the sicklies.

I hope we all have the patience to endure what Allah swt has tested us with. May this be His way of cleansing our soul and removing our sins. We can all do our best to take care of our bodies, but He gives and takes and we truly belong to Him.




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