Toilet Break(s)

If you guys grew up in a big family, you’d know how hard it is to keep things to yourself.

You don’t close your bedroom door unless you’re changing, or keeping the aircon in. You are expected to be present; Netflix together in the living room, eating together when you’re home. And today had to be a Sunday. That means the world and their issues would be home.


Well today, I was stuck in a conundrum because there’s no way I could go home tear-streaked blotchy face. I walked around the estate, and then some more before my armpits started dripping in the steambath that is singapore #whatatraitor

Went home anyway after scrubbing my face clean. I actually bought $2.50 packet of tissues from NTUC because all the $1 tissue Aunties and Uncles are prolly on leave/conspiring against me. Almost immediately my mum caught on. I must have reeked despair. Might as well carry a sign. What a waste of $2.50

So here I am, sitting in the toilet every time I feel a crying jag coming. 😦


Thank god I scrubbed it clean yesterday 💁🏻


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