Choose to stay

They say.. you marry the person that you love.

But we often run for the high hills the moment we fall out of love.

Every road block, detour or challenge makes us pause and ponder if the person’s

the one.

However we define what “one” is.

People often say that it’s easy to fall out of love. We forget the good in who we chose and instead, seek to see someone’s better.

We forget the person behind the love haze.

When the dust settles, it wipes away the imprint of good memories.

We forget growth, potential, commitment and love.

We don’t strive to choose to love the person we marry.

We are indeed so vulnerable to our own self entitlement.

So this 2017,

I’m committed to:

  1. Not be too scared of Mr Law. The flight response is very real to the slightest shift in dynamics. I’m not gonna be a trigger happy girl anymore
  2. To write my gratitudes every single day and never go to bed unhappy or hopeless.
  3. To pray to God everyday to never leave me to myself. To have Him guide and protect us.

I’m praying everyday for the strength, courage and super glue to always fix and choose to stay. Through whatever, InsyAllah.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 7.46.01 PM.png

P.S Mr Law, if when you read this, can you not be so fierce? I scared!


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