Our abode (Part 1)

Wanna get married.(?)

He said. Not. :’)

I still vividly remember the first time we discussed talked about marriage. It was as selamba as you would order teh tarik from the mamak. “Wanna get married” *eats ice cream* “We can get married in 2 years.. Have a baby..” scoops more ice shavings into his mouth *crunch crunch* *mamak teh tarik panas gajah satu*

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 11.00.42 PM.png

I don’t know how we ended up in this place at Clementi eating ice shavings. Or why Mr Law was with me on a weekday afternoon instead of being at work. #someonetellhisboss Lol.

We put the “plan” into writing..

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 11.11.36 PM.png
Numbers represent the age we were supposedly getting married

This boy acts all tough but he’s such a sentimental fool guys. He still has this piece of paper in all its crumpled glory (aww.)


Well, life moved on and it was not until one random day that I talked to him about my dream home. I told him that I wanted to

a. Live near the trains

b. Live near my parents

and Fazal just wanted to live in a maisonette. And somewhere he can get Iced Coffee when he comes home. Kopitiam ones please.

So putting two and two together, I asked my mum if she knew anyone that might be selling a maisonette unit in our estate. There is only 4 units per block, 6 blocks, so these units are rare commodity here! They are called “penthouse” units because they have an outdoor area and plenty of space.

Lo and behold, an Uncle was ready to give up his place

The lighted one, highest unit with double storey window 😀

Or so I thought.

The asking price was $700K! *gulp*

And.. it’s a 25 year old building with minimum works. Everything is mostly firsthand.

Quick mental calculation puts this house, including full reno works and furnitures, at $800k. MENTAL. 

#sisbarukerja #sispokai

So we decided to hunt for another place. Via Propertygury and stproperty of course. I was obsessed I tell you. I checked on the websites every opportunity I could. Toilet break pon jadi lah.

What was my work station on a busy day. The other laptop has stproperty bookmarked of course!


We found a couple of houses via these websites but I let me share with you guys some things I have learnt.


  1. Ads are not very truthful.

Okay, everyone collectively say *DUHH*.^^’ Buttt let me explain. I decided to undertake all the admin work myself and liaise with HDB directly. This will save you the 1% of the property price + GST.

So for example, if we were to buy the $700k property, on top of the stamp duty charges of $15, 000 mind you , admin fees (gas, fire insurance, maintenance fee, town council fee etc etc) you have to pay another $7, ooo cash just to hire an agent to do some paperwork.

PRO TIP💡: Don’t be lazy. Go down to HDB hub yourself and harass the heck out of the information counter. Google things too. Plenty of self help FAQ on the website for dummies like us 😛

But I digress

When you click on an ad for example, (picture just for illustrative purpose, I couldn’t find the original ads)

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 1.54.47 PM.png

Jason Goh is someone that markets the unit, but he does not represent the owner. Instead, he made an agreement with the owner and their agent to market this unit. So if you were to click on this ad, Jason Goh automatically becomes your agent!! Regardless if you would want an agent or not!

Like duddee, that’s so misleading and majorly uncool. 

#sigh #propertyagents #rolleyes #youliveandlearn

We ended up not getting this house..

2) Resale houses, especially maisonettes are pricey! As first time buyers, if your household income does not exceed $10,000, you can get the $30,000 grant (even for ECs)

You too can be eligible for proximity grant which gives you another $30,000 if you live within 2km radius to your family, or in the same town.

Even with that, the average $580,000 maisonettes in dilapidated conditions are not exactly a dream. If you were to factor in the massive overhaul needed for the home (rewiring, replastering of walls, floors, waterproofing), we are looking at a massive renovation project upwards of $100k. That’s $680K guys for a property that might not increase in value.

                    *terbatuk abang*

3) People would factor in their renovation costs into your home. For example, they could build in an ugly odd shaped wardrobe in their room and insists it adds value to the property.>:D>:D>:D😡😡😡 *Oh Allah please help me* I mean, even if the house is aesthetically pleasing, it’s not exactly the dream Parisian Chic theme I have in mind is it.. They should pay me to remove it?💅🏼💅🏼


I have more things to share.. about the house that we fell in love with but lost. To what we stumbled upon and InsyAllah, will become home. Sometimes, we can only put our faith in God for He knows best. Always stay positive and work hard, this will never fail us.

Our Abode (Part 2) is coming soon! Also, let me know if you guys want to see the financial break down of things! 😎


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