The 411

*blows dust off this blog*

*wooosh woosh!*

Hey-guys-hows’-it-going hehe

I hope things have been well Insyallah

I’ve always thought that I was pretty intuitive about things, but whattayouknow, Mr F actually reads this stuff. And he wanted me to update so here I am 🙂

Well, there’s a lot that has been happening on my end.

I’m finally gainfully employed and have since been enslaved to the ministry. If you want to know, starting this journey was not easy. I had to grovel hard for a position in a primary school and so far so good. I have a strong team of school leaders,   I’ve given so much direction and support, Alhamdulilah 🙂 #livingonmummy’sprayers

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.02.16 PM.png
My first big girl bag courtesy of Mr F that I wore on the first weeks of school. Now I carry a 65l bagpack and break my shoulders in the process 😀
Even George likes it here

My kids are my everything. I wanted so badly to teach in the primary level and I’m just brimming with all these ideas and excitement I feel like I can explode. I sprint up the 6 flights of stairs to get to the staffroom everyday by 6.50am guys. I even tripped and fell today hehe

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.14.29 PM.png
SS lesson. P happened to walk pass and took this photo

The school is structured in a way that the P helms the organisation and her word is pretty much final. She has a vision on how she wants things to be, and she sets herself as a yardstick and it’s a pretty tough act to follow. Everytime she walks into my class to give me pointers, while I know will be a red mark against my name, I appreciate it. It’s a lot of pressure to ensure a smooth sailing class 24/7 but don’t we all aspire for that anyway??! Kan it’s a great goal to have.

Getting a compliment from her is a BIG deal so..

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 10.21.31 PM.png

My total dedication and admiration for the kids is a complete juxtaposition to how I feel about my colleagues. Hahaha, no la there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just that I rather take the stairs where I can see my children and interact with them instead of taking the lift full of sighing tired teachers. The gossips? Ahh, I’ll pass. And yes, 10 minutes lunch break is enough, oh your cat died? Sorry, but I’ve got to finish marking.

The only people I make exceptions for are the flexi teachers. These retired teachers and their wealth of experience are the most amazing people you can meet.

Some mistake in the staffroom organisation meant that I had to be thrown to the far corner of the staffroom together with these teachers and it’s such a blessing in disguise. All these old grandmothers nag a lot but they are so insanely sweet.

I drive Mdm Zakiah crazy with my messy table and she decided to make me 2 pencil holders awww.

Best part? After 2pm, they are all gone. #gajibuta #theydontevencomethatoften #sotiredforwhat


But I get the whole corner for myself. 😀

The school has a strict work-life balance (heh) and we ALL have to clock out by 5pm.


What happens when you don’t leave on time. She singles you out guys and publicly shame you :p

If you’re lucky, she’ll even screenshot you on the CCTV which she has acces to on  her handy-dandy hp -_-”

Most of all, I’m just grateful. For everything and everyone and all the opportunities. Alhamdulilah. And even when the going gets tough,


I have this to keep me going.