Turning 24

I initially did not want to post anything because I didn’t know how I could ever succinctly put into words how blessed I feel to turn 24 with my family and Fazal’s.

But he send me a photo yesterday, of me on that day.


Wearing his oversized grey t-shirt because I needed a change from the Mendaki polo.

Bottom half soaked because Chachabots just showered and I was trying to put her in a cheongsam to commemorate the occasion.

And he actually loves me guys, this version of oversized t-shirt, weary, messy hair and all me.

Fazal’s mama cooked enough food that the table groaned from the sheer weight. We groaned from lifting our weights off the floor haha! The presents, the company, the cake..

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.32.43 pm.png

Even the USS trip after

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.15.09 pm

When I have a pretty dress on, he still loves me as much.

From the trip around Jurong West to look at potential homes to

Ibu and ayah getting me ice-cream cake and naan and the round of cluedo we played..

Funnily enough, on the actual 9th of Feb, I ended the night at his office, me doing my work and him doing his. And I feel so deeply contented with that


Like this is just right where I would want to be.

Where I belong.

It’s hard for me to encompass all I feel into words.

Thank you everyone for the wishes and love.

Thank you God.